Welcome to My Christian Music!

Music is a deep, deep passion of mine. Not only do I have almost 5,000 songs currently on my ipod, I have played everywhere from inside of bars, church stages, street corners, and anywhere else you can probably imagine. I have also DJ’d dozens of events including; weddings, school dances, sweet 16’s, company parties and much more. Music is one of the biggest parts of my life, other than God Himself, of course. I listen to at least 50+ songs a day on average.

God created music. He is in it, around and often speaks through. I can find it in almost anything. Furthermore, I dare to say, everyone has song, but maybe not a comfortable place to release it. I want MCM to be that place.

I want My Christian Music to be a ground-breaking blog and it already is, by it’s nature. Showcasing Christian artists is paramount, but I also want to help artists who are Christians, but called elsewhere than the typical Christian music industry. My background has few musical boundaries. So, learning to shine and flow for God has led me further than just the worshipping church scene– to make a maximum impact.

So, let’s connect. Let’s see how we both can win & help one another grow. My heart burns and yearns for musical artists, to help them, bless them, get them going further. Musicians are often drawn to me. Coincidentally, drawing me back into the music business and this blog once again. Give us a shout and let’s see how we might be able to help one another further our cause as Christians who craft musical art– to make a even greater impact!

Blessings! -Joshua August, founder MCM

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