My Christian Music Reviews, ‘Chaylyn’

Chaylyn is a fresh worshipful sound similar to the heart of Lauren Daigle, not so much in the actual musical style but moreover in the boldness of a young woman finding the courage to stand in heart, originality and putting oneself 100% into your music. This demands courage to be a female vocalist pioneer in this day and age.

With bold new creativity, vulnerability and fierce love, the essence of Chaylyn and her melodies are timely. Haunting choruses and verses of her songs, like “Deep” pull you right into deep water, deep love, deep intimacy with the Father. Chaylyn drops you into her music off a pier by pulling you right into her heart in the first few bars– all her cards on the table. She does not mess around with her love for God and her broody music embodies such.

Lastly, I will say I have had the privilege of filming Kim Walker, Rick Pino, Brian Johnson, Katie Tortwalt and countless other successful Christian contemporary artists’ live sets for untold hours. I say that because originality is imperative to me especially since worshipful music can be repetitive and overly similar. Yet, I found myself putting Chaylyn’s song, ‘Deep’ on repeat. I for one, hunger for real connection with the Lord and Chaylyn delivers it in her music with beautiful vocals, passion and originality. Buy her album or hire her today 

-Joshua August
Founder of My Christian Music

More from Chaylyn:

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