Release Your Sound During This Time!

During this time of confinement, most of us have at least a little more time on our hands. This could be the perfect time to dust off some of your dreams of old or to make new ones. The Lord was laying this on my heart today, yet again, for singers/songwriters who have laid down their gift song– to pick it up once more. To release that original one-of-a-kind sound that only you have as an individual.

If there is one thing that is for sure, “life happens”. Kids happen. Careers happen. Discouragement happens. The Word of God says the Lord has given all measures of gifting and also talents. The songs that are in your heart and the songs you sing to the Lord, He placed there! These beautiful poetic utterances are designed to touch and reach people through song, that only you can reach.

Watch full encouraging word from founder of MCM below:

Encourage yourself like one of the greatest worshippers in the Bible, King David, when his own people wanted to kill him and his life seemed to be crumbling apart. He reminded himself of who God was and how He came through for David many a time in his past. This is more of a prophetic encouragement post, but God is calling His psalmists forward, to lead the forefronts of battle once more. Sing, sing, sing and sing some more! Release your proclamations of Spirit and truth. The Lord says you are worthy and called by me.

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