Sons of Power

by guest author, Allen Robertson

I’ve known Allen Robertson and served with him on many ministry outreaches for a couple years now. He has a true servant’s heart and love for people. As I was scrolling on Facebook one afternoon a post of his entitled, ‘Sons of Power” caught my eye. Not only do I believe it is relevant to today’s Christian music scene, Allen also first received the dream the year I was born, ‘1983’. Please enjoy the following post and song by Allen. Let it inspire you and fill your heart with the Holy Ghost. You can find him on Facebook through the link below this article. Many blessings! –Joshua August.

Way back in 1983 when I was still young (in God) I had a dream one night of the hand of God coming down out of heaven holding a band of musicians, one on each fingertip and drummer in the palm. Rocking out. The dream was actually in 3 parts where I heard the band do a verse, then the hand lifted up into heaven and I saw myself speaking to a group of mothers who had water-head (hydrocephalus) babies with them. Then the hand would come down and the band sang the next verse, then up again and me again. Three times; then I woke up, began praying in tongues and wrote it all down.This is the song they sang which, I believe is becoming more applicable to these days. Rise up, church.

Allen Robertson

Sons Of Power

We are here as sons of power,
To walk the earth in this very hour;
On serpents and scorpions we will tread,
We’ll heal the sick and raise the dead.

In the name of Jesus we’ll never fall;
The name of Jesus has it all.
Faith in the name and the power of our voice;
At the sound of the name the devil has no choice.
(devils have no choice)

There’s a rush going on in this very land,
As sons and daughters we must take our stand;
To lay hands on the sick that they might live.
What we’ve been given we must freely give.

Allen Robertson 6/20/83

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