To My Future Husband

“I haven’t written you in awhile…” -Monique @puritystance


Jewels are known for both their beauty and their rarity. Monique @puritystance on Instagram adequately emanates those feelings in her letter to her future husband below. In all honesty, having been around creativity of all sorts and the Christian ministry scene for years, it takes real poetic merit to capture and hold my attention these days. This letter did just that. In her raw appeal to her future spouse, Monique shares a rare honesty, vulnerability and genuine angst we all experience during “the wait” involved with true singleness. She paints a full elegant picture of her emotional and spiritual journey waiting for her beloved and her marital journey that is to be. As a single man, this letter, (esp. the last paragraph) moved me deeply and help set a recourse within me. Men of God, or women, it is important to pray for our future spouses regularly and remedy ourselves in preparation for true holy matrimony. “Catch us the foxes, The little foxes that spoil the vines, For our vines have tender grapes.” (Song of Solomon 2:15) What are the chances I just read that passage this morning, before meeting Monique for the first time tonight?! God and His timing are amazing! Anyways, enough of shameless babbling. Enjoy this beautiful literary morsel of heart, vision and eloquence from a modern woman of God. -Joshua August, MCM Founder.


I haven’t written you in a while…the reason why is I kinda gave up hope that you are out there somewhere or that maybe it wasn’t in God’s plan for me to get married 🤷🏽‍♀️ Just being 💯 honest!

Since I am being honest. I have sung this song before but this time I truly sang it for you & you will hear me sing the rest only when we are married 😉 If this is something that you can’t get over then please know that I am not the one for you. I don’t say that in a rude way. I just will be 💯 from day 1 if it hurts or not & I refuse to allow anyone to make me feel shameful about my past. I love this song & have loved other people before. Just in the same way I am sure you have as well. I was the best I can be in any relationship I was in & I don’t feel bad about that. Yes, I am still saving myself!

I want you to know that God will allow me to be with you one day if you hurry up lol 😂 & if not soon then I am okay with that as well. I am no longer in a rush to meet you like I used to be because I decided to just use this time to focus on myself while you take your sweet time lol. I know I am not perfect at all but I want to be better everyday. I pray you are striving for the same goals & preparing yourself for when we meet one day. Whose to say we haven’t met already… idk 🤷🏽‍♀️ I could go on forever but for the sake of time…you are out there, so, please pray for me. Pray that God will mend my heart in all areas of hurt so that way I am completely whole for you. Pray for my career, gifts, talents, life & how God will use me to make a positive impact in this hurting world. 

I pray for your strength during this time of separation. Never forget you are made in the image of God which means you’re amazing, faithful, loving, caring, kind, generous, thoughtful, a servant, overcomer, handsome 😏 & so much more! You already are an amazing son, maybe brother, maybe uncle & friend so you will be an even greater husband & father.

Walk in your purpose & be great not only for the rest of this evening but for the rest of your life. I love you 😘 Goodnight 😴.

-Monique @puritystance on Insta

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