Guest Blog: All That Night

Nick Bowen has a tender heart for the Lord, poetry and song. His piece, “All That Night” is a breath of fresh air to find piece and resolve in the price that our Lord and Savior already paid. It’s essential to remember God’s great act. His joy is our strength! Enjoy Nick’s poem below.

“And the LORD caused the sea to go back  By a strong east wind all that night,  And made the sea into dry land, And the waters did He divide.” (Exodus 14:21)


God works in darkness, so it seems,

When the shades of night surround me,

The day has fled, the sun is gone,

And obscurity confounds me.

Just so were the Israelites,

Pursued by the Egyptian horde,

No help was seen on any hand,

The way both back and forward barred.

“He made darkness His secret place;

His pavilion round about Him

Dark waters, thick clouds of the skies.” (Psalm 18:11)

Oh, why should we ever doubt Him?

For just because we cannot see

Does not rule out His power;

E’en midnight cannot stay His hand,

No, not e’en the darkest hour.

For He is God and e’er shall be

And He shall part the waters;

When morning comes, when night is past,

He shall free His sons and daughters.

“Weeping may endure for a night 

 But joy cometh in the morning;” (Psalm 30:5)

What He did in dark will He disclose

When the new day is a-borning.

Who is it shall separate us

From Christ’s love? Nor death, nor life,

Nor any power of darkness grim,

For He shall work “all that night.”


Fore Nick’s YouTube Channel *CLICK HERE*

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