Drowning“, new single out from The Lastrumpet out 4/23/20!

I’ve known most of The Lastrumpet band members for a few years now. Even had the privilege of making a music video for them in the past for their song, “Heavy” as well as attending a live show (you can watch music video below). TLT carry the expected vibes and tones that true Christian hard rock demands. If you long for more of the days of 80s hard rock like I do, this band’s sound will do the trick. Also, few bands, especially harder Christian rock, rarely mention the name of Jesus anymore. However, TLT goes right for the vein in honoring the Lord and Savior and His eminent return. ‘Drowning‘, like many of the band’s tunes, leads us through the valley of the shadow of death and back into the arms of a loving and redemptive Father above. Complete with tasteful screams and slick rhythm it delivers. If you are a Stryper or Petra fan from past years, or even Gun’s n Roses and Black Sabbath, The Lastrumpet should satisfy your craving for solid rock, leads and harmonizing vocals. -Joshua August, MCM

*Click to listen to “Drowning” by The Lastrumpet right now!


Watch “Heavy” music video below:

The Lastrumpet on Facebook

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