Artist Spotlight: Emma Mould

About her new single, Emma says: ‘Ultimately the song is about heaven. I tend to write poetically so that people who are searching for faith can relate to the lyrics. I worked with a number of great musicians on this song allowing me to pull on different influences and genres. Really hoping that ‘Closer Than I Thought’ connects with the listener on a deep level and helps them to discover the love that is all around them.”

from Emma Mould’s Third Album: “Exquisite”

I’m beginning to become more and more impressed with the artists from across the pond. They seem to know how to do things right as far as promoting and producing their music– from what I’ve seen so far that is 🙂 Not to mention their positive attitudes and ambition are refreshing as they pioneer the daunting challenge as emerging artists. Must be all the great musical heritage in the U.K right?? Emma Mould also brings this same professionalism and quality to her music. Her new single, “Closer Than I Thought” is lovely, embracing and quite heavenly as she intended. There is no question her album’s musicians are above the challenge as well. The melodic keys and gentle permeating blues guitar-style rifts are sure to melt even the toughest calluses off of your heart. While braided with Emma’s lovely-gentle voice, of course.

Emma Mould has been compared to Tracy Chapman, which ironically I went through her whole catalog of music recently. There are some similarities in innocence and tone. However, many will agree Tracy’s career was kind of a “Fast Car” in and of itself. Coming and going quickly, maybe only even being known for that single song, although I like others from her of course. I think Emma is already ahead of that curve with two great songs I’ve heard so far, “Closer Than I Thought” and “Eve’s Song”. Also, there is nothing “Fast” about Emma’s music per se. Although some songs may sound more upbeat, her message isn’t pushy at all, really. She invites you in to stay awhile, maybe even come in for some tea–or go as you might need. Never rushing you to get exactly what you need from her songs.

-Joshua August, MCM

“Closer Than You Thought” will be available on all music platforms soon!



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