Artist Spotlight: Amanda ft. Big B

“In my life, be lifted high… through my words, be lifted high. In this world, be lifted high, Jesus be lifted high” – Amanda

It’s more than an overdue time for a revival in quality hip-hop music– especially in Christian artists. We should be among the most creative with access to the creator of all things himself, if you ask me. Many have even said as much, that “Hip-hop is dead.” 😦 This new song ‘Lifted‘ by Amanda ft. Big B gives me a fresh hope for hip-hop music with a great beat, good rap feature and lovely hook. And who doesn’t like a rapper with an english accent? *The best. I’m from a generation b.c mumble rap and seemingly poorer lyrics of today’s hip-hop scene. Amanda is headed in the right direction and it’s definitely time in today’s music for it. This song will fill a hole in people’s hearts that only good hip-hop/rap can do. Trust me, I’m a decent beatboxer and rapper and it does for me. MANY are craving it. There just isn’t enough good stuff out there. God is certainly up to something in the Christian music scene. Maybe even stirring something a little extra special in the U.K too? Personally, I seem to be surrounded. With a British born brother-in-law and pastor here in the states what is God doing sending me all these great U.K artists too, ha?? Very interesting. We shall soon see.

Lastly, it always moves me when an artist isn’t afraid to say the name of Jesus in a song. It’s never easy if you’re a Christian artist swimming in a secular pond. It’s even a little tougher for hip-hop and rap I think. The scrutiny is a little more intense. Go Amanda & Big B! -JA, MCM


Amanda’s INSTA:

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