Artist Spotlight: Pelumi Akintade

Before I even had a chance to sample “Beautiful Grace” a new EP by Pelumi Akintade, he won me over by statement he made in an email. He literally read my mind, haha. He said “God is up to something.” And He certainly is, seemingly in the U.K Christian music scene– especially right now. I know we’ve heard this phrase many times over the years in Christianity, but this is something special. I host a weekly prophetic show on YouTube and I am daring now to say what I feel. I believe God is raising up a standard against the enemy in the worship scene. (Isaiah 59:19) I think this time there will be so much new creativity intertwined with His Glory, the enemy won’t be able to thwart God’s coming move. He won’t be able to catch all the different sounds mixed with video, art and more! ….. Anyways, back to why we’re here… the music!

Beautiful Grace” and forthcoming “Give Him Praise” have solid bass driven riffs, speckled with hints of disco rhythm guitar and tickling keys. Some of the synths and electronic sounds will call you back to the 70s and 80s, where it’s always a good place to be. Pelumi’s music isn’t sad but rather warm, easy listening and with a dash of comfort. 

Akintade’s voice reminds me greatly of Michael Tait from DC Talk and currently the Newsboys. Not in a way where I’m like, “Hey, it’s Tait!”, but rather in quality, smoothness and a vocal that can tackle any genre. The last thing I’ll mention is that I’ve sampled four tracks now from this EP and each is equally unique and somewhat different flavor– just like I mentioned in the first paragraph. There’s a new wave of creativity coming that the enemy won’t be able to stop or contain. “Beautiful Grace” is one of those albums to watch for. Enjoy and listen below. -Joshua August, MCM

“Pelumi has led sung worship at various churches and university Christian Unions. He has also played at Greenbelt, the Christian festival, and has shared a stage with KT Tunstall for a charity fundraising concert for Brazilian street children. A self-taught and capable musician, he is comfortable playing with classically trained musicians too. He organized an eclectic band for a successful Cancer Research UK fundraiser event at the Centre for Life in Newcastle for which he rearranged contemporary pop songs when he was a medical student there.



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