Check out Dave Pettigrew!

In a seemingly never ending-era of uncertainty, challenges, covid, wasps, riots and whatever else happens before 2021, we are in need of a fresh wind of worship sounds. It sets us free again. Worship reminds the much needed posture for our hearts. It also goes into battle before the warriors do and soars far above our struggles– whisking us back to heaven’s true perspective. I think it’s safe to say that’s what Dave’s worshipful music to the Lord conveys just that, fresh hope during a dire time of need.

With soaring vocals, worshipful keys and true 80s vibes, Pettigrew passes his anointing and heart along through his tunes. The sound he uses definitely comes from the inner courts and the innermost parts of of his heart as well. He seems to have also found rekindled hunger for his passion of music. You can find his music on digital platforms– definitely on Itunes. Below is one of my personal favorites from him. Enjoy! -Joshua August, MCM Founder

Have a listen to “Undertow” below:

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