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In a seemingly never ending-era of uncertainty, challenges, covid, wasps, riots and whatever else happens before 2021, we are in need of a fresh wind of worship sounds. It sets us free again. Worship reminds the much needed posture for our hearts. It also goes into battle before the warriors do and soars far above our struggles– whisking us back to heaven’s true perspective. I think it’s safe to say that’s what Dave’s worshipful music to the Lord conveys just that, fresh hope during a dire time of need.

With soaring vocals, worshipful keys and true 80s vibes, Pettigrew passes his anointing and heart along through his tunes. The sound he uses definitely comes from the inner courts and the innermost parts of of his heart as well. He seems to have also found rekindled hunger for his passion of music. You can find his music on digital platforms– definitely on Itunes. Below is one of my personal favorites from him. Enjoy! -Joshua August, MCM Founder

Have a listen to “Undertow” below:

Artist Spotlight: Martin S. Bailey

Introducing Martin S. Bailey!

It’s definitely time for new sounds, better quality music and bigger bangs in the Christian music scene. The God of ALL creativity lives inside of us, right?? This is why I enjoy Bailey’s music the most. He has a lot of potential and is up and coming 🙂 He is not afraid to shout and shine for Jesus. I love the BIGNESS of his music as it is paraded with boldness. I hear hints of legends of old like, Billy Joel and Elton John as well. Of course those grab me. Have a quick listen below and I know you’ll be blessed and filled with joy. I imagine you won’t be able to not sing along to the many Martin S. Bailey tunes. -JA, MCM.

Artist Spotlight: Pelumi Akintade

Before I even had a chance to sample “Beautiful Grace” a new EP by Pelumi Akintade, he won me over by statement he made in an email. He literally read my mind, haha. He said “God is up to something.” And He certainly is, seemingly in the U.K Christian music scene– especially right now. I know we’ve heard this phrase many times over the years in Christianity, but this is something special. I host a weekly prophetic show on YouTube and I am daring now to say what I feel. I believe God is raising up a standard against the enemy in the worship scene. (Isaiah 59:19) I think this time there will be so much new creativity intertwined with His Glory, the enemy won’t be able to thwart God’s coming move. He won’t be able to catch all the different sounds mixed with video, art and more! ….. Anyways, back to why we’re here… the music!

Beautiful Grace” and forthcoming “Give Him Praise” have solid bass driven riffs, speckled with hints of disco rhythm guitar and tickling keys. Some of the synths and electronic sounds will call you back to the 70s and 80s, where it’s always a good place to be. Pelumi’s music isn’t sad but rather warm, easy listening and with a dash of comfort. 

Akintade’s voice reminds me greatly of Michael Tait from DC Talk and currently the Newsboys. Not in a way where I’m like, “Hey, it’s Tait!”, but rather in quality, smoothness and a vocal that can tackle any genre. The last thing I’ll mention is that I’ve sampled four tracks now from this EP and each is equally unique and somewhat different flavor– just like I mentioned in the first paragraph. There’s a new wave of creativity coming that the enemy won’t be able to stop or contain. “Beautiful Grace” is one of those albums to watch for. Enjoy and listen below. -Joshua August, MCM

“Pelumi has led sung worship at various churches and university Christian Unions. He has also played at Greenbelt, the Christian festival, and has shared a stage with KT Tunstall for a charity fundraising concert for Brazilian street children. A self-taught and capable musician, he is comfortable playing with classically trained musicians too. He organized an eclectic band for a successful Cancer Research UK fundraiser event at the Centre for Life in Newcastle for which he rearranged contemporary pop songs when he was a medical student there.



Artist Spotlight: Amanda ft. Big B

“In my life, be lifted high… through my words, be lifted high. In this world, be lifted high, Jesus be lifted high” – Amanda

It’s more than an overdue time for a revival in quality hip-hop music– especially in Christian artists. We should be among the most creative with access to the creator of all things himself, if you ask me. Many have even said as much, that “Hip-hop is dead.” 😦 This new song ‘Lifted‘ by Amanda ft. Big B gives me a fresh hope for hip-hop music with a great beat, good rap feature and lovely hook. And who doesn’t like a rapper with an english accent? *The best. I’m from a generation b.c mumble rap and seemingly poorer lyrics of today’s hip-hop scene. Amanda is headed in the right direction and it’s definitely time in today’s music for it. This song will fill a hole in people’s hearts that only good hip-hop/rap can do. Trust me, I’m a decent beatboxer and rapper and it does for me. MANY are craving it. There just isn’t enough good stuff out there. God is certainly up to something in the Christian music scene. Maybe even stirring something a little extra special in the U.K too? Personally, I seem to be surrounded. With a British born brother-in-law and pastor here in the states what is God doing sending me all these great U.K artists too, ha?? Very interesting. We shall soon see.

Lastly, it always moves me when an artist isn’t afraid to say the name of Jesus in a song. It’s never easy if you’re a Christian artist swimming in a secular pond. It’s even a little tougher for hip-hop and rap I think. The scrutiny is a little more intense. Go Amanda & Big B! -JA, MCM


Amanda’s INSTA:

Artist Spotlight: Emma Mould

About her new single, Emma says: ‘Ultimately the song is about heaven. I tend to write poetically so that people who are searching for faith can relate to the lyrics. I worked with a number of great musicians on this song allowing me to pull on different influences and genres. Really hoping that ‘Closer Than I Thought’ connects with the listener on a deep level and helps them to discover the love that is all around them.”

from Emma Mould’s Third Album: “Exquisite”

I’m beginning to become more and more impressed with the artists from across the pond. They seem to know how to do things right as far as promoting and producing their music– from what I’ve seen so far that is 🙂 Not to mention their positive attitudes and ambition are refreshing as they pioneer the daunting challenge as emerging artists. Must be all the great musical heritage in the U.K right?? Emma Mould also brings this same professionalism and quality to her music. Her new single, “Closer Than I Thought” is lovely, embracing and quite heavenly as she intended. There is no question her album’s musicians are above the challenge as well. The melodic keys and gentle permeating blues guitar-style rifts are sure to melt even the toughest calluses off of your heart. While braided with Emma’s lovely-gentle voice, of course.

Emma Mould has been compared to Tracy Chapman, which ironically I went through her whole catalog of music recently. There are some similarities in innocence and tone. However, many will agree Tracy’s career was kind of a “Fast Car” in and of itself. Coming and going quickly, maybe only even being known for that single song, although I like others from her of course. I think Emma is already ahead of that curve with two great songs I’ve heard so far, “Closer Than I Thought” and “Eve’s Song”. Also, there is nothing “Fast” about Emma’s music per se. Although some songs may sound more upbeat, her message isn’t pushy at all, really. She invites you in to stay awhile, maybe even come in for some tea–or go as you might need. Never rushing you to get exactly what you need from her songs.

-Joshua August, MCM

“Closer Than You Thought” will be available on all music platforms soon!



Artist Spotlight: Jess Ray

I have seen this all before, it is all too, familiar. But you, don’t ever see the bottom of, my storehouses of love” – Jess Ray.

About a year ago or so, a friend of mine shared a tune from Jess Ray’s music catalog in my Facebook feed. Honestly, I can’t remember which song it was, but I do remember I was looking for an untypical sound from today’s worship scene– and that day, I found one. I have been a steady fan since. It is only proper then, that I also share her lyrics and music along a little further to bless other potential hearts. Like a bottle tossed on the sea, with a timely message of hope, is Jess Ray’s music. I call it “hope in a bottle“. Comfort for those maybe feeling lost at sea with an S.O.S tattooed or even scarred on their heart, needing a fresh reminder of who God truly is. Her music leads us to a sweet-reverent victory similar to what is found in 2 Corinthians 12:9. “And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

The humility and depth of songs from Jess’s catalog like, Humble Heart“, “Did Not Our Hearts Burn” (above), “24” and my personal favorite, “Come to My Senses” invite you into a desperate realization of a need of a Savior found. Her music seems to again and again direct us that it is ok to need a God who is much, much bigger than us, and there is true strength to be found in vulnerability. In brief remarks in the recent performance of “In The Meantime” below, Jess mentions and sings of solace and the peace to be found in God’s hands and accepting His perfect timing. I have to say I think her remarks in this video encompass a lot of what her music stands for. Hope and courage in the midst of facing fear or disappointment.

In trying to compare Jess Ray’s music, honestly I can’t think of many female Christian artists in comparison. (Which is what caught my ear initially). I will say that I believe her tracks are part of a greater singer/songwriter revival I believe is taking place in the acoustic music scene in general. Singers of the 60s and 70s like Jim Croce and Joni Mitchell come to mind. Those singer/songwriters who leave it all on the stage and stand for passion and true change. I believe Jess Ray, if not already, is heading toward that caliber of songwriting. Since we have the living Christ, and creator of all things living inside of us, Christians should rank among the most creative beings on earth anyway. So, if you’re looking for a tall cool drink of water and more tranquil worship music to download, please click the links below. -Joshua August, MCM

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Luke Wareham & Rachel Mason

God, God who never leaves me, is already working it out .God, God who’s timing is perfect is already working it out” – Wareham & Mason.

I think one of the biggest and most recurring troubles Christians often face is we so quickly forget how God has never let us down in our pasts. In this day and age with our fast-paced society, many of us stumble into the pits of anxiety, depression and worry for what the future might hold for us. The numbers unfortunately back me up on this one and I have personally have had my own touts and battles with anxiety.

As I listen to “Whisper” from Luke and Rachel I am reminding of a great many things. Mostly many words from our Lord and savior. Romans 8:28 states, “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” How can we lose then right? This message echoes through the peace and intimacy of this song’s lyrics and vibe. Sometimes like little kids who ran just a little too far away from our parents, we need a call back to safety. ‘Whisper‘ indeed calls us to return to safety within our heavenly Father’s arms once again. It beckons us to remember God is already working things out. I have heard many Christian songs and messages in my life, but this is one I feel believers need to be reminded of everyday. Let us also not forget that the Lord’s voice was not in the wind, earthquake nor fire, but within a gentle whispering voice. (1 Kings 19:11-12)

Even more ironic than my previous statements, I just shared at my own church with our young people about Ecclesiastes 3:1 “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” Isn’t God’s timing just perfect? Having me share a song about timing, whilst I just taught about timing while I personally need to trust God’s timing myself? Amazing! Trust God, folks! God is proving His own Word in ‘real time’. Love it. If you like the sound of the Bethel Music scene, you’ll definitely enjoy these two worshipping hearts. Below is another personal favorite from their catalog, “Mirror Your Glory (Barnabas“. – Joshua August, MCM


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Drowning“, new single out from The Lastrumpet out 4/23/20!

I’ve known most of The Lastrumpet band members for a few years now. Even had the privilege of making a music video for them in the past for their song, “Heavy” as well as attending a live show (you can watch music video below). TLT carry the expected vibes and tones that true Christian hard rock demands. If you long for more of the days of 80s hard rock like I do, this band’s sound will do the trick. Also, few bands, especially harder Christian rock, rarely mention the name of Jesus anymore. However, TLT goes right for the vein in honoring the Lord and Savior and His eminent return. ‘Drowning‘, like many of the band’s tunes, leads us through the valley of the shadow of death and back into the arms of a loving and redemptive Father above. Complete with tasteful screams and slick rhythm it delivers. If you are a Stryper or Petra fan from past years, or even Gun’s n Roses and Black Sabbath, The Lastrumpet should satisfy your craving for solid rock, leads and harmonizing vocals. -Joshua August, MCM

*Click to listen to “Drowning” by The Lastrumpet right now!


Watch “Heavy” music video below:

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Guest Blog: All That Night

Nick Bowen has a tender heart for the Lord, poetry and song. His piece, “All That Night” is a breath of fresh air to find piece and resolve in the price that our Lord and Savior already paid. It’s essential to remember God’s great act. His joy is our strength! Enjoy Nick’s poem below.

“And the LORD caused the sea to go back  By a strong east wind all that night,  And made the sea into dry land, And the waters did He divide.” (Exodus 14:21)


God works in darkness, so it seems,

When the shades of night surround me,

The day has fled, the sun is gone,

And obscurity confounds me.

Just so were the Israelites,

Pursued by the Egyptian horde,

No help was seen on any hand,

The way both back and forward barred.

“He made darkness His secret place;

His pavilion round about Him

Dark waters, thick clouds of the skies.” (Psalm 18:11)

Oh, why should we ever doubt Him?

For just because we cannot see

Does not rule out His power;

E’en midnight cannot stay His hand,

No, not e’en the darkest hour.

For He is God and e’er shall be

And He shall part the waters;

When morning comes, when night is past,

He shall free His sons and daughters.

“Weeping may endure for a night 

 But joy cometh in the morning;” (Psalm 30:5)

What He did in dark will He disclose

When the new day is a-borning.

Who is it shall separate us

From Christ’s love? Nor death, nor life,

Nor any power of darkness grim,

For He shall work “all that night.”


Fore Nick’s YouTube Channel *CLICK HERE*

To My Future Husband

“I haven’t written you in awhile…” -Monique @puritystance


Jewels are known for both their beauty and their rarity. Monique @puritystance on Instagram adequately emanates those feelings in her letter to her future husband below. In all honesty, having been around creativity of all sorts and the Christian ministry scene for years, it takes real poetic merit to capture and hold my attention these days. This letter did just that. In her raw appeal to her future spouse, Monique shares a rare honesty, vulnerability and genuine angst we all experience during “the wait” involved with true singleness. She paints a full elegant picture of her emotional and spiritual journey waiting for her beloved and her marital journey that is to be. As a single man, this letter, (esp. the last paragraph) moved me deeply and help set a recourse within me. Men of God, or women, it is important to pray for our future spouses regularly and remedy ourselves in preparation for true holy matrimony. “Catch us the foxes, The little foxes that spoil the vines, For our vines have tender grapes.” (Song of Solomon 2:15) What are the chances I just read that passage this morning, before meeting Monique for the first time tonight?! God and His timing are amazing! Anyways, enough of shameless babbling. Enjoy this beautiful literary morsel of heart, vision and eloquence from a modern woman of God. -Joshua August, MCM Founder.


I haven’t written you in a while…the reason why is I kinda gave up hope that you are out there somewhere or that maybe it wasn’t in God’s plan for me to get married 🤷🏽‍♀️ Just being 💯 honest!

Since I am being honest. I have sung this song before but this time I truly sang it for you & you will hear me sing the rest only when we are married 😉 If this is something that you can’t get over then please know that I am not the one for you. I don’t say that in a rude way. I just will be 💯 from day 1 if it hurts or not & I refuse to allow anyone to make me feel shameful about my past. I love this song & have loved other people before. Just in the same way I am sure you have as well. I was the best I can be in any relationship I was in & I don’t feel bad about that. Yes, I am still saving myself!

I want you to know that God will allow me to be with you one day if you hurry up lol 😂 & if not soon then I am okay with that as well. I am no longer in a rush to meet you like I used to be because I decided to just use this time to focus on myself while you take your sweet time lol. I know I am not perfect at all but I want to be better everyday. I pray you are striving for the same goals & preparing yourself for when we meet one day. Whose to say we haven’t met already… idk 🤷🏽‍♀️ I could go on forever but for the sake of time…you are out there, so, please pray for me. Pray that God will mend my heart in all areas of hurt so that way I am completely whole for you. Pray for my career, gifts, talents, life & how God will use me to make a positive impact in this hurting world. 

I pray for your strength during this time of separation. Never forget you are made in the image of God which means you’re amazing, faithful, loving, caring, kind, generous, thoughtful, a servant, overcomer, handsome 😏 & so much more! You already are an amazing son, maybe brother, maybe uncle & friend so you will be an even greater husband & father.

Walk in your purpose & be great not only for the rest of this evening but for the rest of your life. I love you 😘 Goodnight 😴.

-Monique @puritystance on Insta

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