“You are, Holy, Holy, Holy, God” – Georg Nordbo.

Check out today’s artist spotlight worship song “You Are“, by Georg Nordbo. This song brings much needed clarity, depth and versatility to today’s worship scene. With raw truths and emotions, Norbo brings us back to the more simple roots of Christianity that God probably intended for us to find. The chorus even merits Biblical reference from Isaiah 6:3, Holy, Holy, Holy is God-of-the-Angel-Armies. His bright glory fills the whole earth.” Through the haunting vocals of this song you can almost imagine how the angel-seraphs singing over God might sound singing this phrase. The more you listen, the more you’ll enjoy this song. We promise.

Also, if you like the vibes of, “If I Had A Heart” by Fever Ray, then you’ll definitely dig this song’s tone as well. -Joshua, My Christian Music 

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Let love and grace shine through my face.” – Emma Grant, artist.

We believe Emma Grant is part of a company of singer/songwriters the Lord is raising up in this hour. The dreams God places in our heart are from Him & never really expire in His eyes. “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4) Release the sound God gave you this month like Emma Grant. Her song, “I Don’t Hate You” is a breath of fresh air and warm embers from across the pond. It encourages an internal strength to be found once again, with reconciliation, faith & love. The song leads us to not ever hesitate to make things right, and what better way do that then with a song. -Joshua August, MCM


Sons of Power

by guest author, Allen Robertson

I’ve known Allen Robertson and served with him on many ministry outreaches for a couple years now. He has a true servant’s heart and love for people. As I was scrolling on Facebook one afternoon a post of his entitled, ‘Sons of Power” caught my eye. Not only do I believe it is relevant to today’s Christian music scene, Allen also first received the dream the year I was born, ‘1983’. Please enjoy the following post and song by Allen. Let it inspire you and fill your heart with the Holy Ghost. You can find him on Facebook through the link below this article. Many blessings! –Joshua August.

Way back in 1983 when I was still young (in God) I had a dream one night of the hand of God coming down out of heaven holding a band of musicians, one on each fingertip and drummer in the palm. Rocking out. The dream was actually in 3 parts where I heard the band do a verse, then the hand lifted up into heaven and I saw myself speaking to a group of mothers who had water-head (hydrocephalus) babies with them. Then the hand would come down and the band sang the next verse, then up again and me again. Three times; then I woke up, began praying in tongues and wrote it all down.This is the song they sang which, I believe is becoming more applicable to these days. Rise up, church.

Allen Robertson

Sons Of Power

We are here as sons of power,
To walk the earth in this very hour;
On serpents and scorpions we will tread,
We’ll heal the sick and raise the dead.

In the name of Jesus we’ll never fall;
The name of Jesus has it all.
Faith in the name and the power of our voice;
At the sound of the name the devil has no choice.
(devils have no choice)

There’s a rush going on in this very land,
As sons and daughters we must take our stand;
To lay hands on the sick that they might live.
What we’ve been given we must freely give.

Allen Robertson 6/20/83

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Bill Withers Passes away

Bill Withers, iconic soulful singer-songwriter has died.

Bill Withers is and was a legendary soulful singer who influenced so many different modern day artists, including myself. He sang major hits including “Ain’t No Sunshine”, “Grandma’s Hands”, “Use Me”, “Lean on Me”, “Lovely Day”, and “Just the Two of Us”. My personal favorite is, “Ain’t No Sunshine”. In just a 15 year (1970 to 1985) musical span Withers altered and influenced the world as a 3-time grammy award winner. This included probably his most wide-spread and beloved hit, a number 1 hit single, “Lean On Me”.

You know one of the greatest measures of an artist’s success is how much other artist’s cover their work and Bill’s songs have been covered, reinvented and sang by countless others. For a craftsman to influence another craftsman is a great honor.

Listen to, “Ain’t No Sunshine” below:

As a prophetic voice, a prophetic question plagues me through the timing of Bill Wither’s death. When I was a youngster, probably 12 years old or so we had a talent show and for the finale we sang Bill’s hit, “Lean on Me”. We all put our arms on each other’s shoulders, fifty or so of us kids. It didn’t matter the color, race or sex, we all leaned and swayed together. ‘Lean on Me’ which was released well even before my time, 1972 is more than just a hit. It is a declaration to the common man, to help his fellow common man in his hour of need. This is also a Biblical principle, Mark 12:31 states, “And the second, like it, is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” Wether Wither had gospel roots that paralleled this song isn’t totally pertinent. What is pertinent however, is that during this COVID-19 quarantine we have to ask, “Are we as humans missing the mark?” Are we hoarding and accusing instead of being a shoulder for those in need to lean upon once again? Did Wither’s passing mark a death of Mark 12:31 in our modern human nature? An era of where mankind leaning together has all but died? *Just some food for thought.

R.I.P | Bill Wither | (July 4, 1938 – March 30, 2020)

Release Your Sound During This Time!

During this time of confinement, most of us have at least a little more time on our hands. This could be the perfect time to dust off some of your dreams of old or to make new ones. The Lord was laying this on my heart today, yet again, for singers/songwriters who have laid down their gift song– to pick it up once more. To release that original one-of-a-kind sound that only you have as an individual.

If there is one thing that is for sure, “life happens”. Kids happen. Careers happen. Discouragement happens. The Word of God says the Lord has given all measures of gifting and also talents. The songs that are in your heart and the songs you sing to the Lord, He placed there! These beautiful poetic utterances are designed to touch and reach people through song, that only you can reach.

Watch full encouraging word from founder of MCM below:

Encourage yourself like one of the greatest worshippers in the Bible, King David, when his own people wanted to kill him and his life seemed to be crumbling apart. He reminded himself of who God was and how He came through for David many a time in his past. This is more of a prophetic encouragement post, but God is calling His psalmists forward, to lead the forefronts of battle once more. Sing, sing, sing and sing some more! Release your proclamations of Spirit and truth. The Lord says you are worthy and called by me.

He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands!

Singing releases courage and this childhood tune we almost ‘ALL’ know is unleashing hope through the airwaves, started by Mr. Tyler Perry himself. What does the Word of God say…”Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. (Matt. 18:3)

Take a listen below and let your lungs be filled with praise for the Most High. There lyrics are what needs to flood the airwaves right now, not despair. Our God is bigger than the coronavirus, than government, than our family problem and even bigger than the nations! Indeed, He does carry the ‘WHOLE’ world in His hands!

Thank the Lord for braves souls in other industries and influences than just the church. It’s amazing what God can do with one act of faith, one assurance. God is a multiplier! Look where this video is going! What obedience and sacrifice are you offering up to Lord so he He can bless it and multiply to feed the 5,000?!

"The Blessing"

‘The Blessing’ is What We Need Right Now!

We are a little late to the game on this one, but this song from Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes & Elevation Worship is what the world needs right during the fight against epidemics and fear like the coronavirus or COVID-19 as it is also called. Not that worship, prayer and repentance isn’t paramount in the spring of 2020 as well– it most certainly is! However, in a current world where people are panicking, hoarding and seemingly only looking out for themselves, ‘The Blessing’ leads us to bless God and even bless others during this time. Fear can be paralyzing and hope deferred. But, worship and the word of God is a light and sword that can cut through the thickest of hopelessness and panic. You have to hear it.

LISTEN to ‘The Blessing’ below—>


My Christian Music Reviews, ‘Chaylyn’

Chaylyn is a fresh worshipful sound similar to the heart of Lauren Daigle, not so much in the actual musical style but moreover in the boldness of a young woman finding the courage to stand in heart, originality and putting oneself 100% into your music. This demands courage to be a female vocalist pioneer in this day and age.

With bold new creativity, vulnerability and fierce love, the essence of Chaylyn and her melodies are timely. Haunting choruses and verses of her songs, like “Deep” pull you right into deep water, deep love, deep intimacy with the Father. Chaylyn drops you into her music off a pier by pulling you right into her heart in the first few bars– all her cards on the table. She does not mess around with her love for God and her broody music embodies such.

Lastly, I will say I have had the privilege of filming Kim Walker, Rick Pino, Brian Johnson, Katie Tortwalt and countless other successful Christian contemporary artists’ live sets for untold hours. I say that because originality is imperative to me especially since worshipful music can be repetitive and overly similar. Yet, I found myself putting Chaylyn’s song, ‘Deep’ on repeat. I for one, hunger for real connection with the Lord and Chaylyn delivers it in her music with beautiful vocals, passion and originality. Buy her album or hire her today 

-Joshua August
Founder of My Christian Music

More from Chaylyn:

Welcome to My Christian Music!

Music is a deep, deep passion of mine. Not only do I have almost 5,000 songs currently on my ipod, I have played everywhere from inside of bars, church stages, street corners, and anywhere else you can probably imagine. I have also DJ’d dozens of events including; weddings, school dances, sweet 16’s, company parties and much more. Music is one of the biggest parts of my life, other than God Himself, of course. I listen to at least 50+ songs a day on average.

God created music. He is in it, around and often speaks through. I can find it in almost anything. Furthermore, I dare to say, everyone has song, but maybe not a comfortable place to release it. I want MCM to be that place.

I want My Christian Music to be a ground-breaking blog and it already is, by it’s nature. Showcasing Christian artists is paramount, but I also want to help artists who are Christians, but called elsewhere than the typical Christian music industry. My background has few musical boundaries. So, learning to shine and flow for God has led me further than just the worshipping church scene– to make a maximum impact.

So, let’s connect. Let’s see how we both can win & help one another grow. My heart burns and yearns for musical artists, to help them, bless them, get them going further. Musicians are often drawn to me. Coincidentally, drawing me back into the music business and this blog once again. Give us a shout and let’s see how we might be able to help one another further our cause as Christians who craft musical art– to make a even greater impact!

Blessings! -Joshua August, founder MCM