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Guest Blog: All That Night

Nick Bowen has a tender heart for the Lord, poetry and song. His piece, “All That Night” is a breath of fresh air to find piece and resolve in the price that our Lord and Savior already paid. It’s essential to remember God’s great… Continue Reading “Guest Blog: All That Night”

To My Future Husband

I want you to know that God will allow me to be with you one day if you hurry up lol 😂


“Let love and grace shine through my face.” – Emma Grant, artist. We believe Emma Grant is part of a company of singer/songwriters the Lord is raising up in this hour. The dreams God places in our heart are from Him & never really… Continue Reading “ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Emma Grant”

Release Your Sound During This Time!

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”


My Christian Music Reviews, ‘Chaylyn’ Chaylyn is a fresh worshipful sound similar to the heart of Lauren Daigle, not so much in the actual musical style but moreover in the boldness of a young woman finding the courage to stand in heart, originality and putting… Continue Reading “ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Chaylyn”